• Ruida Laser Control System
  • Ruida Laser Control System
  • Ruida Laser Control System

Ruida Laser Control System

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ruida rdlc320

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1 pc

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Product Description

Laser Cutter Controller RUIDA RDLC320




The digital laser control signal


(1) difference output, the TTL level, 20mA driving force


(2) PWM frequency 2.5K~100K adjustable


(3) PWM the dutyfactor 2%~98% adjustable


simulation laser control signal 0~5V automatic followed adjustment


electrical machinery control signal difference output, the TTL level, 20mA driving force


electrical machinery control pulse frequency biggest 500KHZ


USB biggest transmission speed 12M, the most long distance 5 meter


straight line/circular arc /B transect interpolation precision +/-0.5 pulse


4 group general photoelectricity isolates the OC gate output, biggest 600mA driving force


4 group general photoelectricity isolation input, TTL level.





The RDLC320-A laser carving/cuts the control card the superiority:


In the board card whole has a better anti-high-pressured, anti-electrostatic disturbance ability;


The single-channel 24V power source power supply (also may use 36V power source power supply, but does not recommend use),


may save the machine factory cost;


Multi-channel general big electric current IO, may facilitate the function expansion;


Supports all brands, all capacity U plate, also the copy speed was before edition system 3 times;


The board carries the 256M ultra large capacity nonvolatile storage, no longer has the document size bottleneck limit;


The system may self-check the bad road, and may format the memory, the fault tolerance is good;


Two group independent digit/simulation power connection, the software may adjust separately, facilitates a double laser control;


But online promotion motherboard procedure, convenient factory maintenance and customer function having custom-made;


But the online promotion starting picture (customer may independently have custom-made starting picture, then downloads through software);


The system bringing time system (may demonstrate year, month and day, hardware encryption algorithm are stabler reliably);


The support customer processing man-hour looks at in advance (looks at rate of accuracy 100% in advance, looks at time and actual process period in advance


as precisely as a millisecond level);


Supports the machine the reverse gap compensatory function;


Increased the Z axis linkage function;


Supports the hard spacing;


The consummation power failure continues carves the function;


The support program starting replacement may elect (i.e. to be possible starting replacement or does not reposition);


Supports the multi-locating point logic (then to establish many locating points, from different locating point start work);


All factory/user parameter may carry on the backup and the return to original state (then some group of parameters


establishes in kneading board general as factory default exwork parameter, simultaneously also may carry on a return


Price Terms︰ FOB,CIF
Payment Terms︰ T/T
Packing︰ standard export packing
Lead Time︰ 7 days afte payment received

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