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100W Jewelry Laser Welding Machine for Gold Silver

  • Good welding effect
  • stable and reliable equipment
  • low failure rate

Jewelry laser welding machine is suitable for jewellery laser welding industry, it is adopted ergonomic design, equipped with special microscope observation system and high-speed electronic filter device that can protect operators' eyes. The high power beam expanding system can obtain more fine light spots and meet the needs of fine laser spot welding. The machine operation process is easy. It has the advantages of good welding effect, stable and reliable equipment, low failure rate.

 Laser Power100W150W
Laser TypeYAG Laser Source 
Max. Pulse Energy60 J80 J
Gross Power≤6KW≤9KW
Voltage220V±10% / 50Hz / 30A (or) 380V±10% / 50Hz /40A
Pulse Width0.2-10ms
 Spot Adjustable Range0.2-2mm
Control SystemMicro Touch Screen

Applicable Material 

Suitable for gold, silver, platinum, copper, titanium, stainless steel and other metal materials. Including: ring, earring, bracelet, necklace, necktie clip, cuffs and other jewelry, metal jewelry.

Applicable Industry

Widely used in precision processing of tiny parts, such as rings, pendants, bracelets, dentures, mobile phone charger interfaces, hardware, watches, sporting goods, golf heads, medical equipment, titanium alloy decorations, etc., especially for gold and silver jewelry fill holes, spot welding, seam pattern, and welding of mosaic parts.

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