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How to improve the production efficiency of antigen detection reagents?

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With the adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy, antigen detection reagents have become a hot item after masks, and the demand has skyrocketed in stages, falling into the dilemma of "hard to find a box". In order to ensure the market supply, many production enterprises have increased their production capacity through various methods such as recruiting workers, shifting more shifts, and increasing equipment, so as to actively meet the market demand.

"Antigen screening, nucleic acid diagnosis" has become the mainstream detection mode, and some manufacturers have begun to promote joint detection kits for new coronavirus and influenza. In order to ensure the authenticity of the antigen detection kit, we generally judge through four steps: "identify the appearance, look at the logo, check the components, and scan the code". As a new marking technology, laser marking can not only mark the manufacturer, production date, registration certificate number, medical instruments UDI code and other information on the outer packaging of the kit, but also mark the QR code on the surface of the reagent card , realize one person one code and reagent information upload.

The peak of the first wave of infections has arrived, and materials such as drugs for the treatment of new coronavirus infections and N95 masks are in short supply. On the outer packaging production line of the drug production workshop, many pharmaceutical companies have already used laser marking technology; and marking the national standard number and other information on N95/KN95 masks has also become a production standard.

Traditional inkjet marking methods have problems such as content offset, missing spray, dirt, and repeated codes. And laser marking machines can effectively avoid these problems, which use laser beams to mark permanent marks on the surface of materials, and the light output is stable and reliable. Laser marking technology has a wide range of applications, and can mark production dates, product batch numbers, brand logos, and national standard information on various materials such as HIPS, PVC, non-woven fabrics, and cartons. Mactron laser marking system can be automatically connected to the production workshop, with CCD visual positioning system, automatically recognize the shape and orientation of the product on the assembly line, and can also complete automatic marking when placed randomly, effectively ensuring the production efficiency and the marking quality, realize fully automatic processing.

The social situation is gradually severe. The application of laser technology can improve the marking efficiency of medical products (antigen detection reagents, medicines, masks, etc.), increase production capacity, and help the society to tide over the epidemic in an orderly manner. Promoting the combination of advanced machinery and equipment and innovation in the medical field and building a healthy production line are also important directions for the future development of the laser industry.

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