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How to laser engraving cup?

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Laser marking the different materials water cups

Customize beautiful patterns or exclusive text

Super high value, full of tricks

Instantly attracts cup lovers

Let's take a look at the laser engraving effect!

Laser Marking Glass Cups

Glass cups are usually made of borosilicate glass, which is popular with the public because it does not contain organic chemicals, has a smooth surface and is easy to clean. Because of the different glass materials, the traditional surface pattern processing methods mainly include silk screen printing and roasting. As a new type of processing method, laser marking has the advantages such as efficient production, no consumables, and permanent effect. And the engraving effect is consistent and complete.

UV Laser Marking Machine For Glass Bottle

Laser Marking Ceramic Cups

Porcelain and pottery are world-renowned as traditional handicrafts of our country. Known as "white as jade", the white jade porcelain is exquisite and small. The body of the cup has been laser engraved, and then hand-painted and stroked, which is full of exquisiteness. In addition, the laser can also engrave patterns and characters on the surface of the finished pottery and the pottery embryo. The processing efficiency and precision are far superior to manual work, and it is more suitable for mass production. Combining modern technology with traditional handicrafts creates exquisite ceramic utensils that are unique.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine For Ceramic Cup

Laser Marking Stainless Steel Thermos

The common thermos cups are mostly made of stainless steel, refined with advanced vacuuming technology, and have a good sealing effect. Manufacturers want to create a thermos cup with both thermal insulation function and aesthetics, which is inseparable from laser technology. The laser can move the paint from the outer wall of the cup body, customize personalized patterns and texts, never fade, highlight the high-end texture, and are mostly suitable for anniversaries, annual meetings, exhibitions and other activities.

UV laser marking machine on glass bottle

Laser processing mainly acts on the surface of the object, even if it is a special-shaped water cup, it can ensure accurate light output and achieve a consistent edge effect. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser engraving not only improves the quality and efficiency of products, but also reduces the loss rate of manual engraving, saves costs, and is worth purchasing!

3D uv laser engraving machine

Advantages of mactron uv laser marking machine

  • High marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance,  low power consumption.precise marking &engraving.

  • Non-contact marking.Heat affected area is very small, no heating effect, material will not be burned or deformed.

  • UV laser engraving machine can work with production line to feed and discharge materials automatically.

  • German Siemens electrical system, which is safe, reliable and stable, and complies with European Union standards.

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