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How to process lighting products with laser

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In recent years, in order to meet customers' diverse life scene needs and artistic and creative decoration needs, It is not only necessary to strengthen the innovation of research and development technology, but also to seek more efficient processing methods. In the transformation and upgrading process of lighting enterprises, intelligent laser equipment plays a role of booster, including laser marking LED lamps, laser cutting and welding iron lampshades, etc.

Laser marking lighting parts

As we all know, laser marking is an environmentally friendly and efficient industrial processing technology. It can mark metal and non-metal materials to meet the requirements of enterprises for product traceability and anti-counterfeiting protection. In order to better meet the processing needs of lighting companies, Mactron can provide customized laser processing solutions in conjunction with different production lines, such as multi-station bulb rotary marking, assembly line online marking, and truly create the practical, high-efficiency and energy-saving laser marking equipment for lighting enterprises.

Laser cutting lighting parts

Laser cutting technology has been widely used in the design of various home and art lamps. Mactron fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting various metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other metal materials. It does not need to open the mold, and completes the requirements of customized processing through the intelligent laser control system.

laser cutting metal

In addition, co2 laser cutting machine can be used to process high-quality solid wood plywood, the cutting edges are fine and smooth, and the lighting shapes are different, which can create log chandeliers with more texture and line sense.

laser cutting wood

Laser welding lighting parts

In the production process of some lighting products, traditional welding methods can no longer meet the requirements of process technology. At this time, the advantages of laser welding technology have been highlighted. The laser welding machine has a wide range of applications, fine machine classification, and good welding effects. It can not only weld large-volume metal materials, but also process some precision parts, which greatly solves the welding needs of different lighting products and accessories.

laser welding metal

The wide application of laser marking, cutting and welding technology can solve the processing needs of the production line, provide a broader creative space for lighting products, and provide more new business growth points for lighting companies.

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