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Large Mold Laser Welding Machine

  • Easy to operate
  • High eficiency
  • Powerful and excellent quality
Optional Power:

The large mould laser welding machine adopts the manual lifting of the laser head and the electric lifting of the worktable, which can perform laser repair on large molds. There is no need to move the mold, and the movement of the laser head is controlled by the boom joystick, which can flexibly adjust the welding angle position. It is a powerful tool for laser repair of large molds. The machine is equipped with a manual worktable, which is also suitable for welding small and medium-sized molds.

Laser Power200W300W400W600W
Laser TypeYAG Laser Source

Max. Pulse Energy90J110 J120 J150J
Max. Welding Thickness0.1-0.8mm0.1-0.9mm0.1-1.0mm
Gross Power≤7KW≤10KW≤12KW
Laser Welding Wire Dia.Ф0.2-Φ0.4mmФ0.2-Φ0.4mmФ0.2-Φ0.5mm
Voltage220V±10% / 50Hz / 30A(380v)380V±10% / 50Hz / 40A
Pulse Width0.2-20ms
Spot Adjustable Range0.2-2mm
Working Table3D Manual
Lifting DistanceFixed / 300mm
Laser Axial RotationFixed / 360°
Horizontal DirectionFixed/Y Axis can move /XY Motorizd

Applicable Material

It is suitable for repairing large molds, small and medium molds, and manual spot welding of metal, suitable for S136, SKD-11, NAK80, 718, 738, P20, W302 and other kinds of mold steel, carbon steel, common alloy steel, stainless steel, plastic mold, casting mold, forging mold, stamping mold, die-casting mold, etc.

Applicable Industry

It is widely used in mold manufacturing industries such as battery shells, electronic components, mobile phones, communications, precision equipment, hardware products, and auto parts.


 Video of large mould laser welding machine

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