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How to improve the production efficiency of antigen detection reagents?

With the adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy, antigen detection reagents have become a hot item after masks, and the demand has skyrocketed in stages, falling into the dilemma of "hard to find a box". In order to ensure the market supply, many production enterprises have increas

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What is a Co2 Laser Marking Machine?

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is also called CO2 laser marking machine, it is a laser galvanometer marking machine that uses CO2 gas as the working medium. CO2 lasers use CO2 gas as a medium.

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How to Use Precision Laser Cutting Machines Correctly?

Precision laser cutting machine is industrial processing equipment with a wide range of applications. The precision laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and small cutting seam during the cutting process.

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The importance of co2 laser marking machine in the pharmaceutical packaging industry

Medicine is a special commodity, and people can distinguish different medicines by looking at the information on the packaging of medicines.As people's awareness of safety has increased, people's requirements for medicines have become more and more stringent.

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Applications of Co2 Laser Marking Machine

The Co2 laser marking machine uses a carbon dioxide (co2) laser. It was invented by C. Kumar N. Patel in Bell Labs in 1964, and it can also be called a glass laser tube. The Co2 laser marking machine has continuous current output power and is widely used for marking non-metallic materials.

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Laser custom animal tags to create exclusive ID cards

In recent years, with the obvious growth of pet market demand, a new economic situation has been formed - the pet economy. In 2021, the United States pet market reached 123.6 billion US dollars, the Japanese pet market reached 1,625.7 billion yen, and the Chinese pet market reached 249 billion yuan. In order to improve market competitiveness, merchants provide personalized customized services according to customer needs. Laser customized pet products are a typical representative.

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How to choose the suitable gun laser engraving machine?

Guns are regulated around the world as dangerous professional-grade weapons. In order to better control and track guns and ensure social stability, guns mainly use laser engraving to mark serial numbers and text labels, such as marking serial numbers and traceable two-dimensional code on the surface

Application of Laser printing system for Cable and wire

Cables are important basic materials for national construction. The main components are inner core wire, shielding layer, insulation layer, outer sheath, filling element and tensile element. Mainly used to connect equipment, control devices and transmit power. The scope of application involves commu

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How to choose a suitable laser cleaning machine?

In the field of traditional industrial manufacturing, in order to remove pollutants such as rust, paint, coating, grease and residual solvents on the surface of industrial products, Manufacturers mostly use mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, but these three cleaning meth

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Do you want La'eeb™ or metal football?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™,Made in China everywhere. According to reports, China-made Qatar World Cup miniature sculptures, the Hercules Cup and limited edition souvenirs appeared on the World Cup site, and were loved by everyone.In order to inspire fans from all over the world, cheer on the action and

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UV laser marking machine application fields and applicable materials

The lightwave or ultraviolet spectrum of the UV laser marking machine is one of the main reasons why this technology can be printed on different materials, because it does not heat the surface of the material like optical fiber and carbon dioxide laser marking machine, and belongs to cold laser mark

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The introduction of UV laser marking machine

UV laser marking machines belong to a series of laser marking machines. The UV laser marking machine employs frequency doubling technology in the tertiary cavity. 355 UV light has a much smaller focus than infrared lasers and can be used. uv laser marking machine is mainly used for ultra-fine markin

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