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How To Connect The Ground Wire Of The Laser Equipment?

What is the ground wire?GND, in the context of electronics, is the reference point for all signals or a common path in an electrical circuit where all of the voltages can be measured from. This is also called the common drain since the voltage measurement along it is zero.Ground could also refer to

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What is color laser marking machine?

In the field of laser processing, the most common processing effect is to mark white, black or gray marks on the surface of objects. In recent years, with the growth of new demands, the process of laser marking has been continuously innovated and upgraded, and the color laser marking machine has gra

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Unboxing the Desktop Laser Marker in Three Steps

Buying laser equipment for the first time and getting a complete wooden box package from a logistics provider, you don't know what to do? Worried about damaging the packaged machine when unboxing? Not sure how to start the first operation? Don't worry, Mactron will provide you with more thoughtful a

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What is a green laser marking machine?

The green laser marking machine is a kind of light source between the hot light source and the cold light source. The green light has a wavelength of 532nm, which has the characteristics of a thin spot and good beam quality. Green laser marking machine is suitable for most metal and non-metal surfac

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How to laser engraving cup?

Laser marking the different materials water cupsCustomize beautiful patterns or exclusive textSuper high value, full of tricksInstantly attracts cup loversLet's take a look at the laser engraving effect!

Application of laser processing in lithium battery industry

Rising raw material prices, tight power supply, and shrinking consumer markets have affected the industrial chain environment of the automotive industry. The rising prices of new energy vehicles using power batteries as raw materials directly challenge consumers' acceptance of electric vehicles. New

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What are the advantages of 3D laser marking machine?

Mactron 3D laser marking machine can complete the marking of irregular products such as curved surfaces, inclined surfaces, stepped surfaces, spheres, cylinders, and cones at one time.

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Laser Marking And Cutting For Toys

With the increasing competition in the toy market, traditional toy manufacturers have begun to upgrade from OEM to original trendy toys. It is the important part of the process for building independent brands of toys to improve brand awareness and maintain original copyrights.As a non-contact markin

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What is large format Galvo laser marking ?

3D dynamic focusing system marking: using advanced dynamic focusing technology, high real-time zoom control, uniform focusing spot, can support or even exceed the large-format marking requirements of 600mm×600mm

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Hand-held laser welding machine for windows and doors

Laser-welded aluminum windows and doors have fine processing, beautiful and consistent welding spots, strong sealing and durability. The use of hand-held laser welding machine can effectively improve the overall performance of windows and doors products, and also make manufacturers stand out from many peers. It is the best choice for enterprises to improve production efficiency and quality.

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Dear Sirs or Madams :This is an Invitation Letter. We LYUSTEC sincerely invite you to attend 9th Industrial Laser and Laser Technology Expo STOM-LASER Exhibition, during Apr. 5-7th, 2022 . We are in the center of Hall A . Booth number 81 , welcome to visit us. In the exhibition, we will show all vic

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Advantages of IC Chip laser marking machine

Under the current situation of chip shortage and chaos in the industry market, overcoming chip technology problems, shaping brand image, and safeguarding intellectual property rights have become key points that we cannot ignore. The laser marking machine has obvious advantages for product marking,

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