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Company Profile
Business Personnel

International trade sales:

1.College degree or above, no restriction on major, no restriction on gender;

2. Have English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

3.Familiar with the entire trade process: development, follow-up, transaction, collection, predict, after-sales;

4. Strong communication skills, proactive, and capable of developing customers;

5. Good at using trade tools: Google, Alibaba, social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.), ERP system ;

6. Attentive, diligent and active, with a good attitude, strong ability to withstand pressure, and full of passion for foreign trade.

Technical Personnel

Laser Application Process Engineer:

1. Responsible for laser processing equipment optical path adjustment and testing, laser processing technology research and development;

2. Responsible for receiving customers, introducing laser processing equipment, production process samples;

3. Responsible for formulating project development plans and designs, and participate in the research and development of mechanical, electrical, and software collaboration equipment;

4. College degree or above, materials, laser processing and other related majors are preferred, with more than 2 years of relevant work experience;

5. Familiar with the principle of industrial laser processing and the interaction process of laser materials, familiar with the use of lasers and laser equipment, master the selection of related optical components and optical path debugging;

6. Have good collaboration and communication skills, be careful and patient; actively complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Equipment assembly technician:

1. Responsible for the assembly and wiring of laser numerical control equipment;

2. Have basic knowledge of electrical circuits and understand mechanical drawings;

3. College degree or above, with more than 1 year of actual assembly work experience;

4. Have good discipline and team spirit.

Electrical assembly technician:

1. Responsible for electronic control assembly and wiring of laser equipment;

2. Have electrician certificate including basic circuit work knowledge, professional knowledge of electrician maintenance and fitter;

3. Have practical experience, and be familiar with safety regulations and operating regulations;

4. Physical and mental health, strong sense of responsibility, and team spirit;

5. College degree or above, related majors.

About Us

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